Will Cryptocurrency Crash?

Will Cryptocurrency Crash

Will Cryptocurrency Crash?

According to the expert, it is said that Cryptocurrency is not an independent cryptocurrency as shown; it depends on the different financial markets. Federal reserve rise in rate and inflation are highly affecting Cryptocurrency.

This made a correct prediction about the cryptos market. The crypto experts expect that a massive crypto crash is coming. It is observed that the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision plays an essential role in determining the pricing of the cryptocurrency market.

It is observed that Bitcoin acts like a stock and is treated as a good hedge against inflation. This statement is not always true since inflation data has affected Bitcoin’s price this time a lot. It has been observed that the stock market and Cryptocurrency were correlated to each other.

This all states that the crashing of cryptos or decrease in the market price of it depends on the going process of the financial market and stocks. But a crash doesn’t mean the price of Cryptocurrency won’t rise. According to the historical data, many times, it happened that Cryptocurrency was declared to crash, but again price soared high.

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