Why Is Web3 So Important?

Why Is Web3 So Important

Why Is Web3 So Important?

Web 3 is the trending topic where such significant investments are made each year, the number of people is increasing daily, and the number of projects working on it.

Some points will explain how much important it is:

Resistance to Ownership: Nothing about that one organization holding control on web3; they can delete and control your data. In web3, you are a master of your data; whatever you want to delete, you can do it.

Ownership: The best part of web3 is that for any digital asset you own, you have ownership of that asset with a unique identity.

Native payments: You can carry out monetary transactions without using bank details and payment methods. By using Ethereum or other cryptos, you can buy any digital assets or can do any online transactions.

• Easy Identification: To work and access any platform, you must create an account and give your personal information. You are free from all these things if you are working on web3. You use your Ethereum address and ENS profile to control your digital identity.


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