Why Are NFTs So Expensive?

Why NFTs are suddenly selling for millions of dollars

Why Are NFT So Expensive?

The uniqueness of something make goes high regarding its price and value. This is the same for NFT. Getting ownership of digital art is something unique, making people pay a high price for the NFT. They pay such a high price for ownership, not only for the asset.

Some of the essential points that explain why NFTs are so expensive are as follows:

Uniqueness: It is one of the most critical factors that make it expensive. Uniqueness always attracts people; they don’t pay for only images of the digital asset; they pay such huge prices for the ownership of the NFT.

Ownership: If you own something which is yours, you have to pay a large amount. This ownership makes it expensive.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we can trace the history of the ownership of NFT. Suppose you buy NFT, which was bought by any celebrity; it’s genuine that at the time you will buy that NFT, have higher prices.

Utility: Something that provides real-world benefits is valuable, and people pay more for it without hesitation. It carries a real-life world value which makes it more expensive. Something that is connected and valuable for you. You can pay a high amount for it.


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