Who Owns Web3?

Who created Web3.0

Who Owns Web3?

In layman’s term, No single person or company owns Web3. Web3 is owned by People.

The new version of the internet ‘Web3’ is a trendy topic in the market. The advanced feature in this version is the belief in the democratization of the internet, where decentralized protocols and tokens will be the system’s core features.

The three primary stakeholders in Web3 companies are the team, the private investor, and the community. The team holds between 20-30% of the token supply, the private holds between 15-50%, and the community holds the rest of the token supply. In the community, tokens like pre-mined rewards, airdrops, yield farming, or ecosystem funds are distributed.

The web3 companies have a structural advantage in getting economic incentives to the community members. Hence we can say that the ownership of Web3 is more decentralized than web2 because, in web2, there were only two stakeholders the team and significant funds

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