Who Are The Best Experts To Follow For Crypto?

What Are The Best Experts To Follow For Crypto

These are the top crypto influencers whom you should follow to gain more information about the crypto world:

  • Elon Musk: He is known as the King of Crypto on Twitter; his single tweet can change the scenario in the crypto world. If you don’t want to miss out on any action in the crypto world, you must follow him.
  • Andreas Antonopoulos: The tech entrepreneur and open blockchain expert is one of the best educators in the crypto community. Follow his Twitter account to gain all the tips and tricks given to him on crypto.
  • Adam Back: He is known for being the inventor of the proof-of-work system. Contributed a lot to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  • Nick Szabo: Before Bitcoin, there was BitGold, one of the first-ever digital currencies created by Nick Szabo. He has contributed greatly to developing smart contracts and is well known for his political views on cryptocurrencies.

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