Python Or JavaScript – Which Language Is Good For Web3?

Python Or JavaScript – Which Language Is Good For Web3?

Python and JavaScript are both languages used to develop Web3. Both have their pros and cons. We see that python is the emerging language for Web3, whereas JavaScript is used more than python.

It has been seen that the communities are more active in JavaScript. Let us see what is the advantages of both python and JavaScript as the programming language for Web 3.0

Python: You can use on desktop apps, command lines, and testing environments.

• Code interacting with smart contracts is easier to read when we use python because of threads.

• It is easier to make testing of frameworks and intelligent contracts using, and it is easy to write more readable and maintainable tests.

• It is the emerging language for the next generation EVM development.

JavaScript: It is only the language that runs inside the browsers. So there is no other option when building user interfaces.

Web3.js community is more significant because of being the de facto frontend language.

So, it is evident that python has more advantages than its emerging language. In contrast, JavaScript is the language that is already popular and known for front-end development.

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