Where Are NFTs Stored?

 how are nfts held

Where Is NFT Stored?

NFTs are stored in the blockchain. Ethereum is one of the famous blockchains for NFTs. After purchasing an NFT, the smart contract address points out the location of the NFT received and kept in the digital wallet. The contents of the smart contract are stored on the web, by sharing a file system.

When NFT is purchased, a code is generated, which stores all information pointing out the location, where NFT is stored in the blockchain.

After this record is stored in a digital wallet. It is not possible to store the content of NFTs on the blockchain, as this requires a lot of space, that’s why it is stored on the web in form of a file.

The web address of an NFT is kept on the blockchain. This location helps in finding where the NFT is stored in the blockchain and can’t be tampered with. This makes blockchain very reliable.


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