What’s The Difference Between Web2 And Web3?

Web 2 vs. Web 3

What’s The Difference Between Web2 And Web3?

Web2 gives the freedom to create something and circulate it on social media platforms, which means it focuses on reading and writing content. Web3 is based on Blockchain technology and focuses on creating content, also known as the Semantic Web.

• Currency: Web2 is made in fiat money, known as government-issued currency, and is used when doing any transaction. Web3, on the other hand, works on cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies are used for carrying out digital transactions.

• Content Ownership: In Web2, the networks control the type of content that should be present on the web, accessing issues and protecting online data.

Whereas Web3 solves, Web3 solves this problem by allowing data to be exchanged in several places simultaneously, including podcasts, social bookmarking, blogs, reels, etc. Web 3 incorporates AI and machine learning-powered apps, virtual worlds, and 3D portals.

• Privacy: Web2 has not that much privacy control as Web3; it prioritizes security. It has complete control over its data, and they keep information secretly.

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