What Skills Are Needed For Web3?

What Skills Are Needed For Web3

What Skills Are Needed For Web3?

These are checklist which is highly needed for getting into web3:

Learn about Blockchain basics and Ethereum: The first and foremost thing you have to do is learn about blockchain technology. Find out what kind of blockchains are required. How blockchain works and how Ethereum is used to create Web 3.0. Ethereum helps you to create smart contracts in any language like Solidity.

Solidity: Learn Solidity as it helps to write smart contracts. It is the programming language native to the Ethereum blockchain. It helps in making code execution easier and reduces the intervention of humans.

Write smart contracts: After being well-versed in blockchain and Solidity, it is time to know how to write smart contracts. It is a code written in Solidity’s programming language and connected to the blockchain. Blockchain nodes execute it.

Learn frontend web development: You must know about frontend development because the dApp backend will be enabled with the blockchain. The most used front-end language is JavaScript. Some essential languages are HTML, CSS, CSS Frameworks, and JavaScript and its Frameworks.

To connect the frontend to intelligent contracts: You must know how to connect the frontend with smart contracts. To do this, you need to learn libraries like ether.js and Wen3.js

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