What Is A 1/1 NFT?

What Is A 11 NFT

What Is A 1/1 NFT?

A 1/1 NFT is considered a special and unique collectible, which is present in a single piece none is like this one. It is not comparable with other NFTs, because of its uniqueness, rarity, and limited supply. It is a unique asset with a unique mint number.

When projects are launched, they take care of that one-of-one NFT holds its specialty and the difficulty to own it. The mint number decides its importance and rarity. For example, in the NFT collection, one NFT has mint number 3 and the other 10. In this, case 3rd one is rare and more valuable than the 10th one.

Different types of one-of-one NFTs are:

• Sports collectibles
• Digital Art/ Paintings
• Photography

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