What is FOMO in NFT?

What is FOMO in NFT

FOMO is an acronym for the term Fear of Missing Out. If you are constantly thinking about the NFTs, Web3, or the opportunity to invest in NFT, you have developed some anxiety because of it. Generally, there are three types of FOMO:

  1. Buyer FOMO: This happens before one tries to invest in the project or when you are overthinking about ups and down. In FOMO, you feel that if you haven’t invested yet, you should, or if you invested, then it will be profitable or not.
  2. Holder FOMO: If you are stressing about whether you should hold an asset or not, this type generates holder FOMO.
  3. Seller FOMO: If you think you will miss all sales opportunities, you are under seller FOMO.

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