What Does It Mean To Mint An NFT?

What is minting of NFT?

What Does It Mean To Mint An NFT?

While creating NFT, minting is one of the essential steps. Therefore, you must be aware of it when you are creating NFT. Before minting, we have to follow a few steps to reach the step of minting NFT.

Create a digital wallet: The first and foremost process is to create a digital wallet or crypto wallet and connect with the marketplace.

Depending on the device, like mobile phones or laptops, a different prompt comes to connect with the wallet.

After connecting with the crypto wallet and marketplace, you should now complete your profile. It includes basic information about yourself, the type of crypto you will accept in the form of payments, and insert your social media links and website.

Create your items: You create the type of NFT you want to sell. Upload the file and mention your items’ descriptions and social media links.

“Minting an NFT” is, in more layman’s terms, uniquely publishing your token on the blockchain to make it buyable.

After this, some “gas fee” is required to pay for listing it in sales. Now your NFT is ready for selling in the marketplace.

You can also check this video on NFT minting for Beginners


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