What Can You Sell As An NFT?

What Can You Sell As An NFT?

NFT is a unique Non-Fungible Token that is not transferable; it can be sold or bought using crypto. The most famous form of NFT nowadays is Digital Artwork NFT. We have a bucket full of different kinds of NFTs that are as follows:

• Digital Artwork NFTs: This NFT is one of the top marketing NFTs, this consist of a different form of art like paintings, music, and video in digital form. The First 500 days is one of the famous digital artwork NFTs.

• Memes NFTs: It is another type of NFT with images with short videos. Famous clips of cricketers are in the form of memes; these are available in the form of NFTs

• Music NFTs: Nowadays, singer sells their songs using NFTs. NFTs are safe and secure with their unique value. By selling multiple copies, they can earn huge profits from NFTs.

• Video Games NFT: Blockchain games allow players to buy, collect, sell, and trade NFTs. NFTs are available as creators, coins, and virtual weapons.

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