What Can We Build With Web3?

What Can We Build With Web3?

We can build blockchain applications using different web3 based tools like Ethereum, Solidity contracts, and Web3.js.

These are important things that we will create while building the whole blockchain application:

• Creating Ethereum Smart contracts using a Solidity programming language.

• We have to write tests for smart contracts in JavaScript.

• After that, we will deploy smart contracts to a blockchain.

• Further, we will create a client-side website with Web3.js and React.js so that users can interact with the smart contracts.

We can also build NFTs and tokens based on web3 and blockchain. This Non- Fungible-Tokens are unique and have ownership of the assets. It is not transferable, and yes, we can create NFTs on our own by paying some gas fees and using a digital wallet connected to the marketplace. We can buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace.

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