What Are The Web 3 Properties?

What Are The Web 3.0 Properties?

To understand the whole concept of web 3.0, we must know about its tools or properties. There are four properties of Web 3.0:

Semantic Web: Semantic web, along with AI, are the foundation of Web 3.0. It will teach the computer what data means, and AI will utilize that information. Its primary function is to create a spider web of knowledge that helps to understand the meaning of words and can access, share and connect content to search and analysis.

• Artificial Intelligence: AI will provide filter data which is the best one. It is working in place of humans.

3D Graphics: 3D graphics are mainly used in web 3.0. This 3D visuality is present in online games, e-commerce, real estate, and many more. This makes it look better.

Ubiquitous: This means the idea of existing everywhere. Development of mobile devices and internet access will be present in every place. It will be omnipotent.

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