What Are The Risks Of Web3?

What Are The Risks Of Web3

What Are The Risks Of Web3?

Web 3.0 is facing too many cyber threats. They have a broader set of risks to exposing data. Some of the examples of novel threats are given below:

Cryptojacking: This happens when threat actors quietly install crypto mining software on the victim’s computer and networks.

Rug pulls: These attacks involve insiders such as crypto developers, criminal groups, paid influencers, and many more. They create hype around a project just to run off with the investor funds.

Ice phishing: It maliciously tries to convince users to sign a transaction, which requires approval of users’ tokens, so that attackers can use it for its sake.

Smart contract logic Hacks: This hack is to exploit many of the functions like crypto-loan service, project governance, and wallet functionality.

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