What Are The Best Web3 Apps?

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What Are The Best Web3 Apps?

Here are the names of the best Web3 apps that is another application of web 3.0:

Sapien: It is one of the best applications built on blockchain technology. This App was set up by SPN, an ERC 20 value token. Sapien allows users to share, execute and communicate using data.

Everledger: It is based on blockchain, which keeps track of different assets like gold and diamonds. It monitors how everything is being used from when it is logged in the world until it’s logged out. Everledger maintains the data privacy of its users.

Beaker Browser: A peer-to-peer browser allows users to make websites and web applications from it.

Ethlance: It is one of the Apps based on decentralized blockchains used to find a job. Its primary purpose of it is to connect job seekers and recruiters. This platform works on the Ethereum blockchain.

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