What Are The Best Platforms To Buy And Sell Crypto?

What Are The Best Platforms To Buy And Sell Crypto

You must know the different platforms available for buying and selling cryptos. There are huge numbers of platforms for exchanging cryptos:

  • Gemini: It is a popular crypto investment platform and one of the largest by assets. It has decent support for all the major cryptocurrencies. You can earn $10 in BTC after trading $100 in crypto.
  • Uphold: Here on this platform, you can trade multiple assets directly. You have to open only one account to do trading of multiple assets.
  • Coinbase: It is one of the most popular and best currency exchanges because you can invest directly in USD here.
  • Binance: It is one of the great platforms for trading cryptos like Cardano or Neo.

Some other popular platforms where you can exchange cryptos are Kraken, Bitsstamp, eToro, Bitcoin IRA, Crypto.com, etc.

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