What Are Some Of The Biggest NFT Scams?

What Are Some Of The Biggest NFT Scams

NFTs’ popularity is increasing day by day, and more engagement of scammers. Some of the biggest NFT scams there:

  1. Replica or Fake NFT stores: It was found that there was a 300% increase in dubious domain registration in the name of “rariable, “open sea, etc. These stores look samthe easy as the original NFT marketplaces.
  2. Artist Impersonation: One of the cases arose when an anonymous NFT collector called Pranskho spent US$3 million on an NFT, which they believed was the original network by Bansky. Be sure about what you are purchasing.
  3. Typos and malware: It has often been seen that when we are searching for something in the browser, we mistype it. Hackers and scammers utilize this opportunity to attack your device. This type of attack is known as typosquatting.

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