What Are Some Of The Biggest Crypto Scams?

What Are Some Of The Biggest Crypto Scams

These are some of the biggest crypto scams of all time. This crypto and NFT space is full of scammers.

  1. Thodex, $2billion scammed: When bitcoin hit its all-time high of $62k per coin, at that time Thodex shut down, stating that it was an emergency for 6 hours; the shutdown extended for five days and then Thodex shut down the platform completely and never returned.
  2. Evolved Apes, $2.7m scammed: It is the famous street Fighter-style game where apes earn rewards. But after one week of minting, with $2.7 million, Evil Ape drained it and took down all social media accounts. After that, the artists never received a dime for their work.

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