What Are Some Of The Biggest Bitcoin Scams?

What Are Some Of The Biggest Bitcoin Scams

There are many scams in the Cryptos world; it is very challenging to avoid and get rid of these scams. Scammer tries to get Bitcoin smartly by using tricks and giving fake promises. There are some of the biggest cryptos scams in history:

  1. Bitconnect: It was closed in 2018 without any prior information. Unregistered security promised investors high returns based on investments, which increased market volatility. To participate in this, they require Bitcoin deposits. When Bitcoin abruptly shut down, people lost access to their funds, and it was the biggest scam in history, with $3.45 million stolen from investors.
  2. OneCoin: In June 2016, businesswoman Dr. Ruja Ignatova told people that OneCoin would become the most prominent. $4 billion was invested in it, and after that, Ignatova disappeared.

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