What Are PFP NFTs?


What Is A PFP NFT?

You must have seen different avatars trending on social media. Ape avatars are now replacing duck faces.

What is this all about?

These avatars popping up on social platforms are nothing but PFP of the NFT. PFP (Picture For Proof) is the abbreviation of Profile Picture. These profile pictures are of NFTs.

Collectors of PFP can change their social pictures from posy images of themselves to trending Avatars. It will be the other way to promote the NFT collection.

Some of the top PFPs / PFP NFTs with high cost is given below:

• CryptoPunk #7523 ($11.7 million)
• Doge #1355 ($4 million)
• SMB # 1355 ($2.1 million)


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