How Web3.0 Will Change The World?

How Web3 Will Change The World

How Web3.0 Will Change The World?

In layman’s term Web3 Will Change The World At Very Large Scale. It will give rebirth to decentralized internet, businesses, apps, etc, that will give you full power and ownership of your data.

Web3 will provide transparency in maintaining data privacy as web 3.0 is in a decentralized form. A person’s data is in his hand; he can sell his data, or whatever he wants, he can do it. Web3 also emphasizes investments such as NFTs, Dapps, games, etc.

There are some problems that web3 can solve and make the world more digital with the different digital assets.

• Decentralization: Networks and algorithms are open sources and trustworthy. Privacy of data is maintained in web 3.0. You have complete control of your data.

• Data ownership: With the emergence of web 3.0, we are the owner of our data. You can earn money by selling the data in the form of tokens.

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