The new facility is located in North Vietnam of the country and represents an $80 million investment covering an area of 200,000 square meters. 

Hong Kong-based DBG Technology is trusted with the production.

Xiaomi’s goal is to use its new Vietnam facility as a hub for exports into neighboring Southeast Asia countries like Malaysia and Thailand. 

It also aims on catching up to its rival Samsung Electronics. The South Korean brand is currently the most popular brand in Vietnam in terms of sales market share. 

Xiaomi is second in terms of market share in Vietnam at 22% and only trails Samsung (34%). 

Xiaomi’s other manufacturing hubs are located in China and India.

Apart from smartphones, this site will also be responsible for the production of data transmission equipment and circuit boards.

However, the global pandemic in 2020 lead to the supply chain being severely disrupted, which in turn affected sales as well. So, the company plans on diversifying and spreading its supply chain.