Samsung’s SmartThings Find is the counterpart to Apple’s Find My network.

The service has reached a new milestone as Samsung announces that SmartThings Find has reached 200 million “nodes” worldwide that help to locate lost devices and items.

A node is any Samsung device that’s been opted into SmartThings Find.

Any Samsung Galaxy smartphone that’s registered to the SmartThings Find network can find their devices, wearables, or Smart Tags and participate to help others find their misplaced items.

Samsung launched the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ that uses Bluetooth Low-energy and UWB (Ultra-wide band) to track nearby devices.

If a device or item with a SmartTag is lost, nearby Galaxy devices registered to the SmartThings Find network can relay the item’s approximate location securely and anonymously.

Device IDs on the network change every 15 minutes and is stored securely with encryption.

The SmartThings Find app also has a tool for manually discovering unknown SmartTags that the user may unknowingly be carrying.