Do you know your biggest weakness as a partner when in a relationship? Knowing your flaw can be humiliating, but it may help you in the long run. 

These personality tests of optical illusions are designed by experts and psychologists to help you determine your relationship weaknesses based on your first or initial observations and personality traits.

What did you see first? 1. A peaceful face 2. The face of the man 3. The flying birds 4. The mother and the child 5. The person picking fruit

A Peaceful Face In all the above-mentioned elements, if you saw a peaceful face means you like to control your relationship.

The face of the man If you saw the man's face first, it means you prefer to avoid social interactions. You feel more comfortable observing people from a distance. This is maybe because of your fear of being rejected or that you may be shy. 

The flying birds You are an impractical daydreamer. You are an absent-minded, absorbed, and easily distracted person.

The mother and the child If you first saw the mother and the child in the image, it means that you rely too much on your family's opinions.

 The person picking fruit If you first saw a person picking fruit in the image, it means that you are overambitious about career goals.

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