Today's optical illusion will bring to the fore how you love in a romantic relationship depending upon what you spot first. 

Take a look at the below image. What do you see first?

An Old Man's Face: If you spot the face of an old man first, you will never lose sight of the bigger picture.

You will not be swept off by dramatic romantic gestures, instead, you prefer someone who puts in the time, energy and effort that relationships need the most. 

A Man Riding Horse First: If you catch sight of a man riding a horse first, you are difficult to hold down. 

You are less likely to cheat your partner, but you are often on a search for the person of your dreams, even if you are with them.

You are someone who wants to be courted and without that type of attention from your partner, you might look for better options. 

Girl lying by the riverside: If you first notice a girl lying by the side of a river, you are either on the verge of giving up or have given up. 

You are someone who wants to pursue romance, but increasingly becoming wary of it not working out and giving up before it blossoms. 

Stone archway over the river If you notice the stone archway first, you crave adventure rather than stability. Since you are adventurous, you fear that relationships might take away that spirit from you.

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However, this doesn't mean that you can never find a partner that has the same level of the wild side as you have.