Vancouver-based makeup artist, Mimi Choi, created a bizarre optical illusion on her face that has stunned the netizens. 

While the artist is known for her creative illusion makeup skills with her face as a canvas, this one stands out. 

The optical illusion shows multiple eyes, lips, ears and noses painted on her face. 

Can you spot the right pair of eyes, nose and lips?

If not, don't worry. You are not alone and the image has left thousands of people stupefied. 

This is make-up. Trust your instinct. You’re not crazy. 

I slept 3 times with my bald cap and illusion on because I got really dizzy and nauseous from painting the side of my head lol.

Now, As you know the reality, it's very easy for you to find the real pair of eyes, nose and lips.