Today's optical illusion asks you to find out the tallest person out of the three in the picture. 

Just observe the optical illusion picture below and tell us which person is the tallest of the three?

What do you observe? Who is the tallest of the three men?

When the test was carried out on a set of subjects, 90% of them answered incorrectly. 

The brain people forced them to see three gunmen standing prepared, in observation mode. The last man standing on the right seemed to be the tallest which was the most popular answer.

Who is the tallest of the three men? What did you think? Who is the tallest of the three? You also saw the last man on the right to be the tallest, we guess.

Please take your time and try to see the image from various perspectives. If you still face problem, check out the HINT (which is given in the next slide).

HINT & Answer: How do you establish that? Just take a look at the background. The lines running there shrink towards the right-most side giving it an illusive effect. 

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