Is Minting An NFT The Same As Buying?

Is Minting An NFT The Same As Buying?

If you want to get NFT, you have two choices either you can mint it, or you can buy it. Yes, there are differences between Minting and buying NFTs.

In simple terms or layman’s terms, Minting an NFT means you undergo several processes to create an NFT (like creating digital stuff on your own and listing it on the marketplace). You can convert some art pieces, memes, and video clips into NFT. On the contrary, NFT is about purchasing existing NFT from any seller; nothing new is created here.

Buying NFT is a straightforward process. You have to select the NFT, pay the price of it and get the ownership of that NFT, whereas, in Minting, you have to create a digital wallet and then choose the best marketplace.

This marketplace is linked to the wallet and buys some crypto for transactions. Put all valid information about the digital file you have created, upload it, do a listing, and give the price to your NFT. Pay the gas fee for the transaction, and now you can sell your NFT in the marketplace.

This is how Minting is different from buying NFT.


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