Is Web3 The Future?

Is Web3 the Future of the Internet

Is Web3.0 The Future?

Some keyways explain that this web3.0 is different from another version of the web, making it different and the way ahead for the future. Some of the key points are given below:

• Web3.0 is the read-write and trust version: This means that here you can create your own NFTs and input all the information required to sell in the marketplace and ownership of the thing you created.

The biggest concern of online users is that their data can be misused, and web3.0 provides a solution to this problem by maintaining your data’s privacy. They build trust in the current system through Defi by using smart contracts on the blockchain, which cut out dependency on a central authority.

• Web3.0 has taken one major step: users can be paid for their time online looking at videos, whereas nowadays, giant firs use this extensive data completely free.


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