Is Ethereum Dead?

Is ethereum dead

Is Ethereum Dead?

The crashing cryptocurrency doesn’t mean it is dead; it’s simply about market uplifting and sometimes getting down. No. It is not that Ethereum is dead. Ethereum fell more than 50% after it was at the peak of the cryptos market.

It was trading at $ 4,100 on May 14, dropping to $ 1 860 on May 23. This could make you think that Ethereum is dead in the market. If you know about the market and its history, the picture is different from what you aspect just from one view.

Yes, the general market never crashes around 40% or 50%. From experience, we can say that it’s not true that a crash will make call Ethereum dead crypto. In 2018, it was observed that Ethereum rose by $4,160, which was considered All time high in the market. Ethereum fell many times but skyrocketed on another side regarding market value. So, there is nothing about saying that Ethereum is dead.

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