How To Short Bitcoin?

How To Short Bitcoin

How To Short Bitcoin?

There are several ways to short-sell Bitcoin. Different methods have different risks and profit percentages. Some of the methods given below are as follows:

• Futures Market: Bitcoin-future is an agreement to purchase bitcoin at a future agreed price. You can be either buyer or seller in this agreement. When the contract expires, if the market price of Bitcoin is lower than the price mentioned in the agreement, then you can earn a profit by selling it.

• Margin Trading: This means borrowing Bitcoin against some deposited collateral, then selling the bitcoin at market price. You must pay margin interest on the borrowed bitcoin if you have a margin trade open. It is one of the ways to earn profits from short-selling Bitcoin.

• Prediction Market: It is just the same as sports betting operation. In the cryptos market, you can place a wager on the price of bitcoin falling or rising after a specific period. If you win the betting luck by chance, you will receive the price of it.

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