How To Receive NFT On Coinbase Wallet?

How To Receive NFT On Coinbase Wallet

How To Receive NFT On Coinbase Wallet?

You have to follow these steps carefully to receive NFT on your Coinbase wallet:

Connect to your account to send NFT: You have to visit that wallet where your NFT is stored. Further, select the NFT of your choice and click on “Send” or “Transfer”.

Enter NFT address on Coinbase wallet: Now after selecting NFT you have to enter the address which you want to send. This should be your NFT receiving address on your Coinbase account.

Pay Transaction Fees: After completing the above process you have to pay the required transaction fees.

Confirm your Transaction: Now you can confirm the transaction until you get a success status. After that, you move to your Coinbase wallet and check whether your transaction has been concluded or not.


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