How To Programmatically Generate NFT?

How To Programmatically Generate NFT

How To Programmatically Generate NFT?

Using the following steps, we can generate NFT programmatically:

• Connect to the Ethereum network.

• Create your app (and API key).

• Create an Ethereum account, which will give you the address you have to input further on ongoing steps.

• Add ether from a Faucet. To deploy our smart contract to the test network, we will need some fake ETH. Click on several buttons to carry out the further process.

• Check your balance and confirm that cryptocurrency ether is present or not.

• Initialize our project. Now you get ready for the creation of your project.

• Install Hardhat; it is a development environment to compile, deploy, test, and debug your Ethereum software.

• Create a Hardhat project.

• Add project folders.

• Write the contract and mention all the important points in it.

• Connect MetaMask and Alchemy to your project.

• Install Ethers.js.

• Update Hardhat.config.js, we have to add several dependencies and plugins, and now we need to update Harhat.Config.js.

• Compile our contract and write our deploy script.

• Deploy our contract.


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