How To Mint NFT On Solana?

How to mint an NFT on Solana SolSea

How To Mint NFT On Solana?

Solana is the most popular marketplace in the NFT world, as it is compatible with different kinds of currency. Here are essential steps to mint NFT on Solana:

Create and fund Phantom wallet: First, install wallets from the browser; different options are available for mobile phones and desktops. Download the browser extension by Phantom app; installation begins after clicking on the icon.

For minting an NFT Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL is required. Now transfer SOL to your phantom wallet so that you can carry your transaction.

Create an account on Solana: Create an account on Solana and then connect your wallet using the “Connect Wallet Option”. Add important details required and sign up with your email and password. Now you can connect your wallet with the Solana account.

Mint your collections: Now you go ahead to create groups by clicking on the ”Create” tab and afterwards click on “Collection”.

Later, add the name of the collection and a brief description of it. Upload the image icon and header, and add your social media links to target more audiences for your NFTs.

After all this, you can click on “Create your collection”. Now you have to do transactions to mint the collection. After the transaction, go ahead and click on “My Collection”.

Click on the “Create” tab and choose NFT; now, you can upload your NFT file. Choose a title for your NFT and add a small description about it. Yes, now your NFT is minted on Solana.


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