How To Mint An NFT On Solana?

How to mint an NFT on Solana SolSea

How To Mint An NFT On Solana?

The following steps are essential to mint an NFT On Solana:

Create and fund a digital wallet: First, create or install digital wallets. You can start by going to the Phantom app, and now the Phantom icon appears in your extension button. Click on the icon and install it. Now create a wallet and add the cryptos in your wallet to carry out transactions.

Connect with Solana account: To mint an NFT, you need to create an account on Solana. Now connect your Solana account to your digital wallet. Add all necessary information required while creating an account.

Mint your collection: Now, further you click on “Collection” to create it. Choose the name of your collection and a personalized description. After completing all this, you must upload an icon, image, and header.

To target more audiences, you can add links to social media. Now it’s time to mint your NFT; after completing the transaction, head to “My Collection” and check all the details. Now move ahead to create NFT and upload any images, GIFs, videos clip, etc. Your minting of an NFT is completed.


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