How To Mine Ethereum On Android?

How To Mine Ethereum On Android

How To Mine Ethereum On Android?

Ethereum can be mined by using the Android phones, by using following steps:

• Check Graphics Processing Unit and update Drivers: For mining Ethereum in Android, you must have a GPU of at least 3GB RAM. It should always be updated so that mining will be done effectively.

• Set up a Crypto Wallet: Creating of Crypto wallet is a very important step where you will save your earnings from the mining process. Make sure that you must use the best Crypto wallet.

• Installation of Ethereum Mining Software: Download Ethereum mining software so your mining work with the Ethereum blockchain goes smoothly.

• Join a Mining pool: To have better speed in mining, you must join a mining pool. After picking your pool, click the “Start Mining” option and complete the software setup.

• Configure the Bat Files: You must unzip the downloaded file. Edit the file, enter the coordinates of your mining pool wallet address, and configure it to mine Ethereum.

• Run the Miner: After completing all the processes, you will receive the message “GPU 0: Share accepted” if your GPU has enough power. This shows you have successfully started your mining.

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