How To Make Animated NFT?

How To Create Animated NFTs For Free

How To Make Animated NFT?

The following steps are required to make an Animated NFT:

• Create a Digital wallet: First, create a digital wallet to purchase relevant crypto to carry out transaction processes while making animated NFTs. The transactions and gas fees are paid whether n digital wallet is connected to the marketplace.

Binance and MetaMask are the two most used digital wallets. Either download the app on your phone or install an extension on your computer. A seed phrase is a set of 12 random words generated need to be kept carefully as, by this code, you can only log in to your wallet.

• Choose the appropriate Marketplace: You must choose the best and most appropriate marketplace. Some of the best marketplaces are Opensea and Rarible. Now connect your preferred NFT platform and connect it with your digital wallet. In the respective marketplace, you can buy and sell NFTs.

• Drop your Animated Digital Art: Next step is that you upload NFT and tokenize your animated video. The different platform functions differently in terms of creating NFTs. You have to simply upload your video in GIF, TXT, PNG, and MP4.

After uploading an animated digital art file, you must pay a gas fee to mint an NFT. Add price and a brief description of your NFT with the percentage of royalties you wish to receive for the future selling of NFT in the second marketplace.

• Promote your Animated NFT Art: Now, the next step is to sell your NFT in the marketplace, and you can target more audiences by promoting this NFT using social media links like Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.


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