How To Make 3D NFT Art?

easy ways to create 3d nft artworks

How To Make 3D NFT Art?

A 3D NFT is an NFT formatted as a three-dimensional model or animation. It is another type of NFT. You have to follow a few steps to make 3d NFT Art:

• Know the essentials for creating and trading NFTs: You must know about the digital wallet, cryptos required to carry out the transaction, and different marketplaces. You must know where to invest.

• Create your 3d asset: You have to create your 3D asset using different kinds of software like Blender, SketchFab, or VoxEdit. Use your creativity to create beautiful 3D assets.

• Choose Marketplace: You must choose the right Marketplace where 3D NFTs exist so you can sell your NFTs. Examples of the best Marketplace are OpenSea and Rarible.

• Convert 3D asset into NFT: You have to upload your file, turn it into NFT and go for the “Create” button to complete the process.

• Market and sell your NFT: You must choose the appropriate market to sell your NFT. Link you NFTs using social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram


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