How To Launch An NFT Collection?

How To Launch An NFT Collection?

These are essential steps for how you can launch an NFT collection:

Create a new collection: First, create a new collection on the flair dashboard. After creating a collection, now choose which type of collection you want to create. Further click on “Fully Featured Collection .

”Add necessary information about the collection in “Your Collection .”Now in the “Token” section, you define the symbol of your collection. “Pre-reveal placeholder” creates space where you define the image, name, and description of NFT.

Sales and royalty: Now we can put some information about pre-sale and the public sale price of the collection. You must set royalty percentage over secondary sales.

Inspect the code: You can now click on “Inspect the code .”It gives full transparency over the code which you are deploying.

Launch your collection: Now launch your collection at the price you want. Now your collection is ready; you can sell it in the marketplace.

Marketing: It is one of the essential parts of making your collection well known worldwide. By social media campaign, posting on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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