How To Know If An NFT Is Valuable?

 how do you know if an nft is rare

How To Know If An NFT Is Valuable?

Buying and selling an NFT is worthy or not; it is one of the most significant concerns. To find the actual value of NFTs, 3 factors are to be considered:

• Rarity: This explains the value of NFT by finding out the rarity of NFT and how hard it is to get it. One of the best examples we can consider is NFT sold by a celebrity. People are attracted to NFTs with intrinsic values and other factors in the ownership of NFT.

• Utility: The utility of an NFT is explained in the best way in the form of actual application in the physical or digital world. Some NFTs have more value as they are used in games like characters and coins. They give immediate value, as it depends upon the project’s popularity.

• Tangibility: In terms of marketing, tangibility is one of the essential factors in investing in short-term trading. The value of an object is always determined by its scarcity and uniqueness.


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