How To Get Free NFTs?

How To Get Free NFT?

As we are known that NFTs are a very expensive form of digital asset, but you can still get NFT for Free. Some of the companies offer free NFTs to promote their project or in terms of gaining popularity in the marketplace.

By playing games: By playing games, you can earn free NFTs. These games are designed in such a way that they promote the trading of NFTs. One example is Axe Infinity, which allows prospective players to borrow NFTs to play games and win NFTs.

Free NFTs via Giveaways: Some companies promote their new collections and projects by providing a scheme of free NFTs. By doing this, they can gain popularity in the marketplace.

Free NFTs on polygon: Ethereum is the expensive part of creating NFTs and minting it. It has a very high gas fee. But on the other side, Polygon is considered one of the best because it allows the minting of NFTs free of cost.

NFT breeding: Some of the NFT projects encourage this breeding concept. It means by creating more digital assets; you will get free NFTs.


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