How To Get Drifter In Hours Roblox?

How To Get Drifter In Hours Roblox

Roblox is an online game engine with millions of games. One of these games is Hours. It is a fighting game with various modes. Drifter is one of the hosts that can be unlocked.

To get Drifter on Roblox, follow these simple steps. It is recommended to use a Prophet as your host. The Prophet can stop time and earns shields from getting damaged. Set the options: Difficulty – Hours, Host – Prophet, Tempo – Star, and Upgrade – Overflowing Vitality.

To unlock Drifter on Hours, you have to defeat the entire game, all the bosses, and that too, without taking any damage. Self-damage and shield damage are not considered. This is a challenging task; you can unlock the Drifter host after completing this.

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