How To Create NFT Collection?

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How To Create A NFT Collection?

NFT collection for people here means being a part of a larger community. It includes a collection of different Avatars of different colors, text, and designs. It also refers to collecting something different and present in a limited quantity.

These are some essential guidelines that are required for creating an NFT collection as follows:

About NFT: Before creating the NFT collection, you should know how NFTs are created and minted.
Design: You must know how to design the collection using different types of fonts, colors, and creativity.

Generative art: It is a kind of art where you can generate custom shapes, colors and various forms by using an algorithm. Here outcomes are not predicted, but all are different from each other.

NFT-Senator, toolkit: It is one of the toolkits which helps in designing the NFT collection. It not only generates a custom collection but also provides additional features like metadata for Ethereum, polygon, and Solana. Using this toolkit, you can set up the clothes, eyes, skin, and expressions of Avatars.

Adding custom traits: The addition of this makes the collection rank top in rarity. This gives uniqueness to every element of the NFT collection.


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