How To Convert JPG To NFT?

How To Convert Picture To NFT

How To Convert JPG To NFT?

These 5 steps are required to convert JPG to NFT:

Set up digital wallet: The first and foremost step required is to create a digital wallet. Crypto- assets are stored in a digital wallet, which can be accessed by the private key generated while creating a digital wallet.

Creating your store: After creating a wallet, you can now create your own NFTs. Now click on the “Create Store” button in the menu bar. Now you can create your store on your dashboard.

Listing on the marketplace: First of all, create the collection name, click on the “Add New Item “button, and now click on the “Create Store” button. Your store is launched. You can recheck the store by clicking on the highlighted link.

Create your collection: After this, you have to create your collection and select all the images in the form of a jpg you want to add to the collection. When the images in jpg get uploaded simultaneously, it converts into NFT. Set the price of the NFT collection, and now you can put it for sale on the marketplace.

If you don’t want to go through this process and directly wants to convert any photo to nft using online converter, then check out here.


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