How To Buy NFT Without Gas Fee?

how to transfer nft without gas fee

How To Buy NFT Without Gas Fee?

You can create NFT without paying a gas fee using a Lazy Minting feature. You can find this feature in one of the famous crypto marketplaces, Rarible.

It allows users to mint NFT without paying any gas fee. Here the gas fee, which creators do not give, is transferred to the customers that buy your NFT from Rarible.

You have to follow all the steps to create NFT without a gas fee from Rarible:

First, create the Rarible Account using the “Create” Button. Now, you must choose Crypto wallet to log into the website. Click on the MetaMask option, input the password, and click on the “Unlock” button. Login into your account.

After this, it comes to creating NFT without a gas fee. Click on the “Choose File” option and upload the media file you want to create NFT.

Turn on the “Free Minting’ option by clicking on the toggle next. You can add all extra information about NFT, like its name, description, and other features. After that, click on the “Create item” Button.

Finally, you are in the last step; when your NFT is created, a MetaMask pop-up appears twice. Click on the “Sign” button to complete the transaction process. Now you can sell your NFT without paying the gas fee in the marketplace.

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