How To Buy NFT On Coinbase?

How To Buy NFT On Coinbase?

How To Buy NFT On Coinbase?

To buy NFT, your first work is to create a wallet that only you can buy NFT by completing another process. The following steps are there to buy NFT on Coinbase:

• First Download Coinbase wallet: A wallet is needed to buy an NFT. First, download the Coinbase wallet either in the mobile app or the browser extension.

• Choose user name of wallet: This username creates Identity in your Coinbase self-custody wallet. It becomes easy for people to send you crypto by knowing their names. One name you can have private, but one name is required to access your account.

• Keep securely and secretly your recovery phrase: After creating a wallet, you get 12 words of random phrases. You must maintain it securely; this key is required to access your crypto. Please don’t share the key with anyone; otherwise, they can access your crypto.

• Buy and transfer Ethereum to Coinbase wallet: You should be aware that Ethereum network fees vary according to market demand. To understand and plan about it. Buy Ethereum and transfer to the Coinbase wallet to buy NFT

• Buy NFT: Use Ethereum to buy NFT on mobile or in a browser extension. You have to click a few buttons to buy NFT. You have to maintain that much Ethereum to pay transaction fees.

This is the step-by-step method of how you can buy NFT on Coinbase. You can also check this video tutorial on how to buy NFT on Coinbase.


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