How To Airdrop An NFT?

How to Airdrop NFTs

How To Airdrop An NFT?

Airdrop in NFT adds additional value to the brand or experience. It is a type of reward or gift; it can be cryptocurrency, tokens, or an NFT.

Different types of airdrops are Standard Airdrop, Exclusive Airdrop, and Community Airdrop.

• Use the ‘erc721Airdrop’function: This function work on three arguments. The first argument tells you to provide the contract address of the NFT that you want to airdrop.

In the second argument, you must pass the wallet addresses you will be airdropping your NFT. In the last statement, you must provide the token IDs you want to receive at your wallet address.

• Use the ‘erc1155’ Airdrop’ function: This function works on four arguments. The first three arguments work the same as the above function.

The fourth argument is required because erc1155 tokens are semi-fungible or non-fungible. In the 4th argument, you must provide the amounts of each NFT you have to send.

These are the two ways by which you can airdrop an NFT.


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