How To Add NFT To Metamask?

How can I Add NFT To Metamask

How To Add NFT To Metamask?

There are different displays on mobile phones and desktops; you must be aware of them. You have to follow these steps to add NFT to Metamask:

Set up your MetaMask address and wallet: First, install and set up your MetaMask wallet with the address on your device.

Get NFT Smart Contract Address: Before moving to your wallet, you need to find out the NFTs contract’s address. You can find the contract address by clicking on the details of a particular marketplace. Now copy the address of NFT and keep it safe.

Tap on Add NFTs on the MetaMask Mobile App: Now move back to MetaMask, and click on “Add NFTs.” Paste the link which you kept safely.

Find NFT Id: Now get the unique Id of your NFT and find out all details about it. Copy ID and again go back to MetaMask.

Paste NFTs Address and ID on MetaMask account: Now paste your NFTs ID and address in your MetaMask account. After this, you will find your NFTs on your collectibles tab.


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